About the designer

Marla Nazzicone is an interior designer who earned her Bachelor of Interior Design at Ryerson University and bolsters a long history of fine arts and fashion education.

She is a visionary with a strong point of view, and a contagious passion for Interior Design; her natural ingenuity gives her the tools to excel at design consulting, and the vision for creating captivating, timeless spaces that change the ways people live.

“When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I’m finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it’s wrong.”

Buckminster Fuller, Architect & Designer

Marla works closely with her clients to understand their lifestyles and spatial needs so that she can offer individual solutions.

The best designers know how to marry beauty and practicality, recognizing the importance in the balance. Luxury and attractiveness are crucial in any space, but if your home isn’t practical for you and your lifestyle needs, then none of that matters. After all, luxury means nothing without comfort.

Her job, in its essence, is to create a balance between what looks good and what makes sense. It’s all about understanding the wishes of the client first and combining it with industry knowledge to create something exceptional.

It is her mission to create stunning spaces that work harmoniously with your lifestyle. Her services include full scope interior design services.


Marla Nazzicone, A Picasso in her own right 

Building a home is a stressful and time consuming endeavour. We met Marla mid build after working with several designers, she seamlessly understood our vision while still keeping and following interior design principles. She manages to incorporate your vision with a sense of style in a balanced yet harmonious way. Marla is committed, knowledgeable and most importantly passionate about her work. We are absolutely thrilled with what she has done. She takes Interior Design to another level, we couldn’t be happier and are certain you will be too!
-Farah W.

We met Marla Nazzicone February 2017 in North Toronto while shopping for a kitchen table for our new home purchase. That led to her facilitating brilliant interior/exterior design skill throughout. We cannot be more pleased and amazed with the end result. We found Marla to be a positive, friendly and hard working professional always looking for our best interest. We highly recommend. Not easy leaving these memories behind. I am sure our paths will cross again.

After moving into my first condo downtown Toronto, Marla helped turn my place into a “Man cave in the sky.” She is an exceptional design professional who was great at understanding what I would like in my new home. There are so many designers out there, but Marla was great at guiding me through the process and ensuring I would be happy with how things turned out. She was very flexible and able to meet me on my schedule during evenings and weekends. I’m very satisfied with how the entire project turned out given the small space she had to work with. She went the extra mile to ensure every detail was taken care of. Marla kept me at ease during the entire process from start to end. Highly recommended! Thank you Marla!

-Michael P

Marla Nazzicone, best in the business!

I am a custom home builder for the last 5 years. I got referred to Marla by my sister in law who was raving about her taste in design. She couldn’t be more bang on. Put the obvious aside, her work ethic, punctuality and her genuine care to help blew me away. Thank you for everything Marla, your passion and hustle for this business is second to none. You made my project a huge success!
-Wali S

As I began the process of searching for an interior designer, I was quickly drawn to Marla’s work. Her style and creativity were unmatched, so I knew she was the perfect designer to work with on my renovation. Marla was consistently professional and receptive to all my requests and ideas, and the project was incredibly collaborative every step of the way. She provided me with a formal timeline and coordinated various individuals to ensure that all deadlines were met and the project was completed in a timely manner. I could not be happier with the finished product. Thank you, Marla!
– Jake M

Marla is amazing! Creative, detail oriented, communicative and dedicated, regardless of the size of project she takes on. I would happily recommend her to any friend or family in the market for upscale interior design.

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